Our Team

mark-antonucci Mark Antonucci: CEO & Chairman, Board of Directors

Mr. Antonucci has served on the Company’s Board of Directors and in the position of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer since the Company’s inception, and was elected as Co-Chairman of the Board and appointed as the Company’s Co-Chief Executive Officer on November 12th, 2010.  On June 30th, 2013 Mr. Antonucci was elected sole Chairman of the Board and appointed Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Antonucci brings close to twenty years of financial experience as well as extensive management training and experience to his positions with the Company.  Mr. Antonucci served from June, 1998 to November, 2003 as CEO/CFO of Method Products Corp., a Florida corporation (“MPC”) and multi-service business communications systems company specializing in the custom design, installation and service of total communications network systems, including computer telephone integration, fiber optic cabling and video conferencing, among other network systems, for various businesses.  Such company, located in Broward County, Florida, was initially a private company prior to Mr. Antonucci becoming associated with it. Mr. Antonucci was responsible for certain of its more material corporate activities which included, but was not limited to, mergers and acquisitions, of which there were several, all financial responsibilities and duties such as overseeing audits, and other activities associated with the company becoming public.  In December 2005, Mr. Antonucci founded Anto Marketing, Inc., a Florida corporation located in Palm Beach County, Florida and has been the companies CEO since, Anto Marketing specialized in financial consulting to small and medium sized businesses.  In November 2007, Mr. Antonucci started working with AT&T and was responsible for residential sales and sales representatives specializing in internet connectivity, home phone lines and television services.  Mr. Antonucci served in such position until April 2009. Mr. Antonucci filed for personal bankruptcy on August 3rd, 2005 and was discharged on November 10th, 2005; he previously filed for personal bankruptcy on June 17th, 1996 and was discharged on October 2nd, 1996.  Mr. Antonucci received a Series 7 brokerage license in 1990, the Series 24 brokerage supervision/management license in 1994, as well as other licenses, all of which have since lapsed, and currently holds the Florida 215 health, life and variable annuity license.


luis-eduardoLuis Eduardo Bernal-Jaller: Chief Relationship Officer & Board of Directors

Mr. Bernal has been a director since April 1st, 2010, and was elected as Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors and appointed as the Co-Chief Executive Officer on November 12th, 2010.  Mr. Bernal stepped down as Co-Chairman of the Board and Co-Chief Executive Officer on June 30th, 2013 and was appointed by the Board in his new role as the Company’s Chief Relationship Officer.  Mr. Bernal brings over 30 years of experience in fields ranging from international banking to real estate, manufacturing, media distribution and politics. His political experience started in 1986 as an advisor to the Colombian Ambassador in Ecuador. Mr. Bernal was a founding participant of the Fundacion Colombia in 1987, a non-profit organization dedicated to the assistance and support of Colombian residents in Ecuador. In 1991, he became a director of the Colombian and Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as a member of the Committee for the Bilateral Colombia-Ecuador Commercial Treaty. Mr. Bernal also served as a Diplomatic Counselor of Colombia in Ecuador from 1993 to 1995.  In 1983, he became the director for Grupo Televisa Quito in Ecuador, where he was a founding participant of the marketing and media distribution companies Disandes.  In 1995, Mr. Bernal became the Bordier Bank representative in Ecuador, establishing commercial and new accounts for this prestigious financial institution. From 1996 to 2000 he was a director/founder of the first equestrian vaulting academy in Wellington, Florida.  Mr. Bernal founded Leber Investments, LLC in March 2005, a real estate investment portfolio management company located in Palm Beach County, Florida dedicated to the creation and management of real estate investment portfolios in both Latin America and South Florida, of which he is still the Managing Director.  Most recently, he was a founding director of Latin Power Group, Inc. (“LPG”), a Florida corporation incorporated on June 3rd, 2009, located in Palm Beach County, Florida, the focus of which was to create market opportunities for generating green electricity with hydrokinetic systems.  Such company was dissolved in connection with the principals of LPG becoming members of HAE’s Board of Directors.  Mr. Bernal is the brother-in-law of Luciano Jose Garcia-Baylleres, one of our directors.


enrique-pallaresEnrique Pallares: Chief Business Development Officer & Board of Directors

Mr. Pallares has been a director since April 1st, 2010.  Mr. Pallares was appointed as the Company’s President on November 12th, 2010.  Mr. Pallares stepped down as President on June 30th, 2013 and was appointed by the Board of Directors in his new role as the Company’s Chief Business Development Officer.   Mr. Pallares brings more than 25 years of entrepreneurship and international business acumen to the Company.  He has founded multiple successful businesses and has extensive management and expertise ranging from online publishing in Latin-America to underbanked and unbanked financial solutions as well as adventure sports enterprises and mobile payment solution systems.  From 1988 until 1994, he represented Exytren America, Inc., a Colorado based company that produced controlled combustion additives for fossil fuels, serving as such company’s Ecuadorian commercial   representative.  From 1994 to 2004, Mr. Pallares was employed by Diario HOY Media Group in Quito, Ecuador, serving in several executive and director positions within certain of its related portfolio companies.  Starting in early 1994 through approximately mid-1998, he was the Executive Director of Servitados, a portfolio company involved in the handling and storage of databases and historical archives. He led the launch in approximately November 1994 of Diario HOY online, a division of Servitados and the very first online newspaper in Latin America for which he served as its Executive Director until approximately August 2002.  In 1997, Mr. Pallares founded Hoy.Net, an internet service provider and subsidiary of the media group holding company and in 1998, was appointed Executive Director of Hoy.Net, a position in which he served through approximately January 2001.  In 1999, he was responsible for duplicating the audio text part subsidiary of the HOY Media Group and growing such business in Bolivia, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina and Chile, of which he was in charge through approximately August 2002.  In August 2004, Mr. Pallares founded Unlimited Diversity, Inc., a Florida corporation located in Wellington, Fl, which was a stored value card product and services Development Company that catered to underbanked/unbanked Hispanic immigrants who send remittances to their homelands.  He holds a U.S. patent relating to money remittances utilizing debit cards and utilized such patent in the operation of such business.  He served as President of such company until September 2008 when it ceased operations due to the ensuing bank credit crisis.  In September 2005, Mr. Pallares founded Global Technologies Investment Inc., a Florida corporation located in Wellington, Florida that developed mobile payment and mobile transaction platform solutions.  He served with such company as a director until approximately early 2009 when the decision was made to cease operations after planned funding from a third party funding source did not materialize in the wake of the global financial crisis.  Most recently, Mr. Pallares was also a founding director of LPG.  In addition to these business ventures, and as an extension of his passion and hobby, he started his own polo company, Pallares Polo Inc., a Florida corporation, in July 2005, located in Palm Beach County, Fl, which is involved with organizing and operating various polo sports activities throughout the U.S.


mark-leberMark A. Leber: Chief Technology Officer & Board of Directors

Mr. Leber has been a valued employee of the Company since May 1st, 2010 and was elected to the Board of Directors on March 4th, 2011.  From 2003 to April 2010, Mr. Leber had a sole proprietorship called DataEze, located in Boca Raton, Florida which specialized in systems design, engineering, planning, analyzing, analysis as well as the implementation of communication and/or data systems.  Mr. Leber served as the Chief Technical Officer at MPC from July 2001 to January 2003.  Mr. Leber earned his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Villanova University with concentrations in Opto-Electronics (Solar-Green Energy), Power Systems, Micro-electronic Fabrication, Audio Engineering, Semiconductor Theory, and Integrated Circuit Applications. 



paul-bissohongPaul Bisshong: Board of Directors

Mr. Bissohong has been a director since June 1st, 2013.  From January 2003 to June 2009, Mr. Bissohong served as regional manager lubricants sales and marketing West-Africa for Chevron West-Africa.  From June 2009 to September 2011 he served as business development manager lubricants for MRS Holding Ltd. Nigeria. From August 2010 to November 2010, Mr. Bissohong served as managing director of Corlay Cameroon and, cumulatively business development manager lubricants MRS Holdings Ltd. Nigeria.  From September 2011 to date he has served as the Head of Business Development MRS Holdings Ltd. Nigeria.